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School Programs

Samaritan House is striving to involve schools and students in learning about issues of poverty or homelessness and building empathy for people in need.

We have a range of opportunities for involvement based on the age of children, individual or group participation as well as the depth of support to us – from one off drives or fundraisers, to involvement for a full school year. We are unable to host school volunteer groups but are able to provide the following meaningful experiences.

Project Wee Care

Project Wee Care is an Elementary and Middle School based program that provides tools and experiences to build empathy skills in students. It forms a foundation for participating schools to integrate Wee Care initiatives into their established service learning programs. More than 30 committed schools participate in four drives each school year, collecting essentials that are distributed to Samaritan House families in our programs.

Student Community Service

We welcome the support of individual students who commit to us for a minimum of 20 hours across the school year. Hours could be served by volunteering with us if openings are available and fit with your school day. We do not accept one off volunteering for school community service hours.

Children must be 12 or older to volunteer. Children 12 through 15 must volunteer with a parent or legal guardian. Teens 16 through 17 can volunteer individually with a parental permission slip but only in certain roles.

A great alternative to on site volunteering is to undertake an essential role by running self organized Drives or holding a Fundraiser at the school to benefit Samaritan House. Organizing and planning a successful event like these requires leadership, project planning, coordination in teams, marketing, and logistical awareness. All skills that can benefit young people as they advance through their careers. This support could include a tour of our facilities to provide context for the event.


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