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Children’s Programs

Free items such as clothing and shoes, new backpacks and school supplies, books, Halloween costumes and diapers to ensure local children living in poverty have all they need to thrive.

Samaritan House’s Children’s Programs distribute items for free, so our low income clients do not put their financial security at risk to provide essentials for their kids. We understand how a happy and healthy childhood contributes to achievement throughout life. Samaritan House supports our families with children in a range of different ways, so that kids can be just as prepared as their more affluent peers.

Kids Closet

Children emerging from the Kids Closet with their new clothes say it all. Our welcoming volunteers, generous donors, partnering schools, faith and community organizations, and businesses all work together to provide age appropriate new and gently used clothing for kids in need. The clothes fill the racks in a boutique environment where parents and children can shop together. We know that kids are better equipped to be successful in school when they feel like they fit in with their peers, have confidence and improved self-esteem – and the Kids Closet helps to make that happen all year.


We are fortunate to partner with Help a Mother Out a non-profit specializing in accessing diapers to low income families across the Bay Area. With this and our other sources, we have increased the number of diapers available to our families with infants when they visit the Kids Closet each month. It’s a fantastic service that benefits the health and wellbeing of the infant and the family.

Back to School Program

Our Back to School Program serves more than 2,000 children in San Mateo, Redwood City, Daly City and East Palo Alto. They get to chose their own brand new backpack filled with age appropriate school supplies.

New Bikes

Every year in Spring, we provide bicycles to children who have never had a new bike, or a bike at all. These kids and their families are invited to collect the new bike, have it fitted, receive safety training, and a helmet – all in time to get out and have fun with their friends.

Halloween Costumes

We want our client children to join in with their friends in this first fun Holiday of the season. The cost of a new costume can be daunting for parents when money is tight, and often there is a stigma to wearing an obviously used costume. Our client families can access new Halloween costumes when they visit Kids Closet in October, so they are ready for Trick-or-Treating.

Check below to find out how to support our Children’s Programs and Kids Closet:

4,500 Items of children's clothing given out each month at our Kids Closet.


Kids Closet

  • Kids Closet

    Samaritan House 4031 Pacific Blvd

    San Mateo, CA 94403


    M - F 9am - 12pm
    M - W 1pm - 4pm
    S, Sn Closed

    Cerrado jueves y vierne 1 - 4pm, sabado y domingo

    To receive clothing items from the Kids Closet, speak with your Case Manager.

    New Clients who need help please call 650-347-3648 for help.

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