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Financial Empowerment

Financial Coaching Assistance to build knowledge and ability to manage money and access financial services.

Our Financial Empowerment Program helps our clients to build their knowledge of managing money and accessing financial services. Clients gain the tools and resources they need to open bank accounts, understand credit reports and scores, and begin credit repair if needed. We work in partnership with clients and hold them accountable to their self-determined goals to ensure reduction of debt, increase in savings and more controlled spending.

One to One Financial Coaching

Samaritan House offers a coaching process between trained volunteer financial coaches and clients. This longer term approach forms trusting relationships that steadily build client confidence and determination in parallel with awareness of financial matters. In combination, these skills ensure clients can achieve their goals.

Tax Return Preparation Assistance

Each tax season Samaritan House partners with the United Way’s VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program to provide tax preparation help. This service is provided free of charge to Samaritan House clients. The average refund for client participants is $1,700 – a huge sum to those living on poverty-level incomes. When coupled with our Financial Coaching Program, this can be a significant boost to achieving financial stability.

For more information on the VITA program, talk to your case manager to find out more. To get started on your free tax preparation, please click here.

The Better Tomorrow Program

Better Tomorrow will help you and your family improve your financial future. Work with a personal financial coach for eight (8) months and receive detailed financial health assessments. Also, attend monthly webinars and financial trainings, while earning cash and incentives along the way!

Click here to apply for the Better Tomorrow Program.

Can you be a Financial Assistance Volunteer?

Volunteers are an important part of all of our Financial Empowerment initiatives. You do not need to be a financial services professional to volunteer as a coach or in the VITA tax return assistance program. We are looking for individuals with a desire to use their own money management experience to help others and who want to learn or enhance coaching skills.

If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer Financial Coach or joining the VITA program as a volunteer, please check in with our Financial Empowerment Manager, Rhonda Kaufman, prior to submitting an application. To learn more and apply, visit our Volunteering Pages.

$1,700 Average tax refund to each family


Samaritan House

  • By appointment only.
    Call 650-347-3648 to make an appointment with a Volunteer Financial Coach.

    Solo por cita. Llame al 650-347-3648 para hacer una cita con un asesor financiero voluntario.

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