Meet Alfonso. He had been working a steady job for several years at a major department store and was living in San Mateo County for over 20 years when his eyesight started to fail him. Over time, he became legally blind and was no longer able to work. That’s when the community of caregivers at Samaritan House came to his aid.

I had been legally blind for 4 years before coming to the Free Clinic. Because of the expert care and diagnosis I received, I was able to qualify for a cornea transplant at Stanford.

Samaritan House client, Alfonso, with Bart Charlow, CEO.


The cornea transplant has improved his vision enough that he is able to move more freely on his own. Alfonso still requires the help of a caregiver who drives him to the Samaritan House Pantry for groceries. It is there that he receives regular fresh produce and bread.

Because of my improved vision, I have more independence. I can move around my home more easily. If my vision continues to improve, my goal is to be employed once again.

Samaritan House is helping pave the path towards independence for Alfonso. “I used to work a steady job until my eyesight went bad. I miss working and plan to return to work one day.”

The cornea transplant and my improved vision brings me closer to that goal. Thank you for everything, Samaritan House.

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