Samaritan House’s Wee Care Program provides tools and experiences to build local poverty awareness and empathy skills in young students. Wee Care initiatives can be incorporated into partnering school service learning programs to build a framework encouraging conversations and action among children, teachers and parents.

A Wee Care school or group commits to undertake four drives over the school year. We work with schools to identify the items required for collection – ensuring it is a good match to our needs and the school’s ability to give. These donations are the essentials that we don’t get from other sources and we give to our clients for free. 

We can provide project ideas and materials for a school to use in programs that make kids think more broadly about what is a community and who may need help.

We try to provide every committed Wee Care school or school year group with a tour of our main site including a facilitated empathy building session. This enables the kids to see how their contributions are used and to show how we work with low income families on a day to day basis. We find, context is everything.

Become a Wee Care School

To arrange a meeting to discuss how to become a Wee Care School, please email us to arrange a meeting.

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