On January 23rd 2020, Samaritan House staff, board, and advisory council members gathered together for the unveiling of the new logo and tagline.

The new logo is both representational and abstract. It resembles the roofline from the previous logo, acknowledging all that Samaritan House has achieved over the past 45 years. It creates a dynamic arrow pointing upward to illustrate the concept of “lifting lives” in the new tagline, and the series of dots that make up the logo symbolizes the many services that Samaritan House provides and the many people it helps each day.

“Today, our impact is greater, our services to prevent homelessness more comprehensive,” said Bart Charlow, CEO of Samaritan House. “Our new tagline strongly and boldly articulates the truth of what is at the core of Samaritan House: our staff and volunteers are 100 percent committed to ‘lifting lives’ and fighting poverty.”

Relive this special day and join us in our rallying cry to fight poverty and lift the lives of San Mateo County’s working poor.