Originally published on November 10, 2016 by Samaritan House

Dear friends,

Our clients are afraid and this election has made them even more so.

Believe me, it doesn’t matter whether you voted for or against rent control, housing or school bonds, one presidential candidate or another – or even voted at all! What matters is that you care for the people in our community who need us the most right now.

Mothers are afraid that they cannot feed their children dinner each night. Fathers are afraid that, as they shuttle between 2 jobs to barely survive, they might be picked up and deported leaving their kids alone. Grandmothers are afraid of being on the street, because their long term apartment rent just skyrocketed, while their Social Security stayed flat again. Solo business owners are afraid that their health care will be cancelled, while they have serious ongoing illnesses to heal.

Those are their everyday fears, now made worse by the rhetoric, rancor and rumors generated during and following this election.

You are reading this because somewhere along the line you demonstrated that you care about our community, whether it has been as a donor, a supporter, a volunteer, a board or staff member.

Please continue to care about and for them. Please remember that, as you see them in person or in your mind, their fears have merit and they need our help to survive and thrive again. Please remember to treat their worries with kindness and understanding. That is why we are here at Samaritan House.

They come to us for help, and at least as importantly, they come to us for hope.

Remember that those working the food line with you, those to whom you hand clothes at Kids Closet, that worker you employ at the Worker Resource Center – and ALL the people around you doing the same thing – are our neighbors. We have to keep being good neighbors in order for our own lives to remain livable.

I always say that Samaritan House is the “Great Heart of a Great Community.” Prove me right!

Your friend and neighbor,
Bart Charlow, Chief Executive Officer