When we launched our A Better Tomorrow Starts Now campaign in August 2020, we humbly asked our community for help to respond immediately to the dire financial situation unfolding in front of us, as so many of our community members lost jobs and wages as a result of the COVID health crisis. Our community of supporters answered our call. They stepped forward, donated, shared our need with friends and neighbors, and then stepped forward again. Because of the generosity and faith of so many in Samaritan House, we raised essential funds to meet the initial challenges of COVID-19 head-on and serve more people than ever before. Thank you to everyone who participated in this campaign and helped us exceed our $1.25 Million COVID relief goal, ensuring our neighbors had nutritious food on the table, access to shelter, free healthcare when they needed it, and relief from burdensome rental and utility debt.

Unfortunately, the end of a difficult year did not also signal the end of the multiple crises plaguing our community. Many of our neighbors still face eviction or repayment of deferred loans that carry immense price tags, and our nation’s economy has provided little relief for those living paycheck-to-paycheck. Just as our neighbors have needed us at devastating new levels this past year, they will continue to need Samaritan House as we together navigate the next phase of our new reality.

Through our A Better Tomorrow Starts Now campaign, our community of supporters ushered Samaritan House into not only a new year, but a new era of impact.

Our services are now reaching 147% of the clients reached previously. Since April 2020, we have distributed nearly $10 million in financial assistance on behalf of Samaritan House and our partner agencies and have shared close to 3 million meals with our neighbors. We have leveled-up our operations to where they will need to be for the foreseeable future, as our community works to recover.

Please help us continue to keep our community fed, clothed, healthy, and housed as we enter the new phase of this uncertain world. Donate today to ensure our neighbors can avoid hunger, homelessness, and instability.

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