Charin’s Story

Samaritan House was there when a patient with cancer had nowhere to turn. After a harrowing several months, Charin is now cancer-free. Charin has been living and working in San Mateo providing cleaning services for both businesses and private homes. Despite working over 40 hours a week, it was always a struggle to make ends […]

Abelardo’s Story When all five members of Abelardo’s family contracted COVID-19 during Thanksgiving 2020, Samaritan House was there to support them. A team effort led by Dr. Massy Safai, volunteer physician, helped keep the family successfully quarantined. Through telehealth visits, our medical team was able to assess the family’s health and deliver the appropriate medications. Samaritan […]

Haydee’s Story

Meet Haydee Payhua from Peru. After journeying to America with the hopes of a better life, managing her medical finances proved to be a struggle for her and her partner. Haydee, a retired educator, was living with significant medical issues. In 2016, she was introduced to Samaritan House and our free medical clinics. It was […]

Marshae’s Story

At Samaritan House, we take a holistic approach to caring for our clients. When it came to remarkable single mom Marshae, our spectrum of services ensured that her wellness and that of her son Makai were taken care of. Moving to East Palo Alto in 2018 and having to live on her own for the […]

Sal’s Story For 18 years, Sal had earned a comfortable living working as an electrician. In his late 50’s, alcohol pushed him to the bottom and he lost his job and home. Sal was ultimately hospitalized because of the toll alcohol had taken on his health. After release from the hospital, Sal was referred to Samaritan […]

Patti’s Story Patti put her adult daughter’s needs ahead of her own and found herself homeless on her 70th birthday. In 2000, she relocated from Georgia to San Mateo to help her mentally ill daughter care for her newborn son. Patti is no stranger to hard work. Despite chronic knee pain, she worked as an Uber […]

Michael’s Story

Michael has made a fresh start and is turning a new chapter in his life. Now a hopeful father in his 30s, Michael got involved with drugs at an early age and lived on the streets before reaching out to local agencies for help. He and his girlfriend Janet, with whom he shares two children, […]

Alfonso’s Story

Meet Alfonsox. He had been working a steady job for several years at a major department store and was living in San Mateo County for over 20 years when his eyesight started to fail him. Over time, he became legally blind and was no longer able to work. That’s when the community of caregivers at […]