Volunteer Spotlight – Damelio Family

1411eNews - Damelio FamilyHeather Damelio is a mother of four, but that doesn’t prevent her from helping others during the holidays. Participating in the Family Sharing Program is a tradition that started eight years ago, when her oldest, Abby, was 3-years-old. “She was my first child, and I just thought it was a nice thing to start with her, you know, giving back. It’s the time of year that they get so much,” shared Heather. The Damelios currently sponsors two families – selecting those with the same number of children and similar ages to their own.

Abby (who’s now 11) inherited her mother’s spirit of giving. For the past three years, Abby has orchestrated the whole event herself. She finds a group of friends committed to sharing holiday joy with a family. The friends each shop for one of the Family Sharing members – then the group gets together and gift wraps before they head out to deliver presents to the families.

“We’ve had so many wonderful experiences with the families we’ve met. We all stand around awkwardly at first … but then the children always start playing. Everything gets broken down to basic human contact,” Heather explains. 

Family Sharing is a program that pairs approximately 90 groups and individual donors with over 200 low-income families, or seniors, who need help during the holidays. Based upon last year’s donations, we expect over 800 individuals will receive more than $80,000 in assistance! If you’d like to participate in this uplifting program, sign-up online by Friday, December 5th. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share the holiday spirit with a neighbor!