Thank You, Woodside Priory Students, for your Week of Service at Samaritan House!


(This Week was in Recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!)

students standing renaFor the past four days, we have had the pleasure of working with four bright students from Woodside Priory School. They were taking part in Priory’s first annual service week.  The students did not have class this week, no classes, just community service!

Brenda, Daniela, Andy and Simon spent their week working in our Kids Closet, with the Client Services Department, in the Samaritan House Kitchen and with our Development Team.  After each day of work, they were assigned to write a reflection for their theology class. “This is a really cool week,” Brenda said. “We’re getting out of school but still getting to learn something new each day.”

“I worked in the pantry to help organize and prepare food,” Daniela said. “I sorted and chopped.  It was really fun and it taught me to be thankful for what I already have.”students in front of SH truck

Helping out in the Kid’s Closet stood out to both Brenda and Daniela too. “We helped sort out clothes for the Kids Closet. It was cool to learn about where all of the clothes comes from and ends up. It made me want to bring my clothes to donate,” Brenda said.

Two of our visiting students, are exchange students.  Andy Wang is from China and he will be going to school in the US for four years. Simon is from Germany and is here for one year.  Other classmates from Priory have spent their week volunteering at other schools and community service organizations around the county.