Schwab Volunteer Week 2015


Samaritan House had a productive day today working with volunteers from Charles Schwab for their 10th annual Volunteer Week!

The smiling Schwabbies joined us this morning at our Worker Resource Center (WRC) to help us liven up the place a bit. They arrived at 9 am and got to work! Their biggest masterpiece was this beautiful landscape mural, sprawled across an entire wall. Their teamwork was astonishing! Often times there were 20 or more people working on the mural at the same time.

By the time they left, the WRC had transformed. It is now a brighter and happier place to be. In addition to the mural, they re-pained outdoor planters, bathroom walls and anywhere else that needed some touching up. 


This year marked the greatest level of employee participation yet, with nearly 3,200 employees and executives spending more than 12,000 hours on more than 220 different service projects benefiting 157 charities.

In addition to the sweat equity donated by Schwab employees, Charles Schwab Foundation is providing a special, increased two-for-one match of employees’ charitable contributions (up to $200,000) throughout the Volunteer Week. 

Thanks for all of your hard work Schwabbies!