San Mateo Clinic in the San Jose Mercury Wishbook

Patient Ronaldo Romero with Samaritan House Dental Assistant Alex Vilchez

We are very excited as well as honored to be a featured nonprofit in the San Jose Mercury Holiday Wish Book this year!

This year’s Wish Book story from Samaritan House features dental patient, Ronaldo, who came to our clinic from by way of our Safe Harbor Shelter. Ronaldo, who is currently uninsured, was seen at the San Mateo Clinic for help maintaining his diabetes, dental work, and for a referral to surgically treat the cataracts which previously rendered him unable to work and to see.

Your donation to Samaritan House helps individuals like Ronaldo receive the medical & dental treatment needed to live a full and healthy life. Read his story in the Wish Book and please consider a donation to help patients like Ronaldo at both of our free clinics: