Samaritan House’s 2012 Volunteer Recognition Event

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2012 Sammy Slideshow

2012 Sammy Slideshow


Volunteers who participate in all aspects of service at Samaritan House gathered September 20th, 2012 for Samaritan House’s Annual Volunteer Recognition Event. Volunteer, Aandy Ly, graciously donated his time and talents by creating the above video celebrating our 2012 Volunteer Honorees.

With the motto “Neighbor Helping Neighbor,” Samaritan House’s 2,000 annual volunteers represent caring individuals who are dedicated to helping their community. The wide variety of services donated by volunteers range from preparing and delivering food, to providing translation services, to area professionals who provide free medical and dental care.

At the Volunteer Recognition Event, Sammy Awards in 30 categories honored volunteers who have shown exemplary effort in support of Samaritan House programs. Recipients of the 2012 Sammy Awards were:

  • Travis Bennett, Administration
  • Detzaira Macias, Client Services
  • Genette Yogi-Kornfield, Development
  • Miriam Counts, Finance
  • Jon Froomin, Holiday
  • Maria Nadel, Kids Closet
  • Dr. Brian Sheppard, San Mateo Dental Clinic
  • Andrea Haynes, RDH, San Mateo Dental Clinic
  • Ness Morales, San Mateo Dental Clinic
  • Dr. Linda Lee, Redwood City Dental Clinic
  • Trish Ballard, RDH, Redwood City Dental Clinic
  • Mario Nunura, Redwood City Dental Clinic
  • Michaelian Endodontics, Redwood City & San Mateo Dental Clinics
  • Dr. Pardis Kelly, San Mateo Medical Clinic
  • Dr. Michael Drinnan, San Mateo Medical Clinic
  • Norma Berliner-Salz, San Mateo Medical Clinic
  • Beverly Gaines, San Mateo Medical Clinic
  • Ed Miller, San Mateo Medical Clinic
  • Dr. Celso Ravelo, Redwood City Medical Clinic
  • Claudia Schinn, Redwood City Medical Clinic
  • Hillside Church, Safe Harbor
  • Walter Mlynar, Safe Harbor
  • Brad Ferris, Safe Harbor
  • Richelle Gibson, Safe Harbor
  • Lily Ryan, Breadbasket
  • Helping Hands, Breadbasket
  • Wendi Ellis, Dining Room
  • Ed Flank, Food Pantry
  • Kathryn Taylor, Kitchen
  • Temple Beth El, Kitchen Weekend
  • Chris Panos, Mobile Meals
  • St. Bartholomew Church, Mobile Meals
  • Hillsborough North, Wee Care
  • Hillsborough West, Wee Care
  • Shoreview United Methodist Church, Worker Resource Center
  • Elena Chiong, Special Programs

Samaritan House also presented its highest honor, the Kelly Award, to long-time volunteer Betty Johnson in recognition of the many hours of extraordinary service and considerable expertise that she has given to our organization and the community. 

Generous people who donate their time are our greatest treasure. We simply could not accomplish all that we do without the talent, compassion, and energy of our volunteers!

Interested in volunteering at Samaritan House? See our website for details on how you can get involved: