A Safe Harbor for Mike

For 15 years, Mike was a Grocery Store Manager in San Francisco, earning a comfortable salary. Then, he had a heart attack and everything changed. He lost his job, his insurance, and, ultimately, his home. When he arrived at Safe Harbor Shelter, he was in such poor medical condition that, within 10 minutes of his arrival he had to be taken to the emergency room. Once stabilized, Mike spent several months at Safe Harbor while his case manager helped him build a healthy and sustainable life.

Kathryn Barrientos, Mike’s case manager at Safe Harbor, shared, “When I met Mike, he told me that he was completely without hope and that he was ready to give up on life. I told him picthat, if he would let me, I would hold out hope for him until he was ready to believe in himself.”

Mike is deeply grateful. “I was never a person to ask for handouts or help; I have always worked.  Even after my major heart attack, loss of my old job, home, and medical insurance, I still sought employment. I took a job at McDonalds, and I lived in my car in the back parking lot during winter with only three blankets for 29 very long days.  I was then referred to Safe Harbor and that is where I met my Healthcare Case Manager, Kat.  It took her about 6 months to convince me that I needed to give myself permission to accept some assistance.”

“I am now a far cry from where I was.  Once again, I am living independently and I am stable, safe, and content. Most importantly, I am able to focus on my health and well-being. I could not have achieved this without the vital services and programs I had access to through Samaritan House and Safe Harbor.”

As the gap widens between the privileged and the poor, Samaritan House is needed more than ever! Please give as generously as you can. Your gift will go a long way in supporting our meal programs, food pantry, housing assistance, worker resource center, health care clinics, Safe Harbor Shelter, Kids Closet and holiday program… and will mean so much to people like Mike.

Thank you for being a part of the great heart of a great community that helps people  move toward their dream of being able to stand on their own. Renew your support today, so that more families can survive the hard times and thrive long into the future.


Gratefully yours,

Bart Charlow


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