One Request: simply tell your story.

Support Samaritan House in a HUGE way by doing one thing. 

Simply tell your story.

Telling your personal friends and your community about your real life experiences creates a powerful bond. Whether you tell them over dinner or through a social media platform, it can inspire and transform the lives of many of your friends, families and local community members. 
Your stories can motivate your neighbors to get out, volunteer and give back to their community.
Your stories can reassure folks who need help but might be scared or maybe just didn’t know where or how to access the vast variety of services we offer.
Your stories give such a unique perspective, they can motivate everyone, and help the community to understand the huge variety of ways we help to make our community a better place to live for everyone.
Board Members:
Your stories will help to convey the many different ways we work to make San Mateo County a better, more healthy place to live for everyone.
Writing about your experience with Samaritan House is the best way to spread the word. It is a simple act of service that can reach and embolden hundreds of people through our own community. Speaking your truth, in and open and honest way is one of the best and quickest ways to truly transom lives. 
Once you’ve written about your experienced, please SHARE IT EVERYWHERE!

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Your writing could be featured on our website and appear as part of our “Community Connections” series. We would absolutely LOVE to hear about what our community has to say. If you’d like us to promote your experience for you, email it to

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