Homelessness is still with us and growing as the housing crisis here in San Mateo County worsens.

The good news is that, despite many obstacles, our programs continue to be successful in returning those who have lost their shelter to the mainstream community. Two key stories hit the news in December about our formerly homeless Safe Harbor Shelter graduates who have turned their lives around…Read more

Larry Williams was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and on KTVU in his new apartment. Larry spent years overcoming both his aversion to asking for help and the terrible life on the streets that resulted, when 2 major accidents and health problems shattered his otherwise very comfortable life. After several stints at Safe Harbor, we are delighted that he now has a roof over his head and a new lease on life, and Larry credits the folks in our programs with helping save his life!

Chris Miller, another recent Safe Harbor graduate, was able to end 20 years of homelessness. KTVU picked up his story after we posted it on our Facebook page. Chris says, “You have to want to change. It takes hard work and it does take patience.” And he hopes his story will encourage other landlords to take a chance on renting to the formerly homeless.

Two more efforts are starting this month: the bi-annual homeless count and the newly formed Coordinated Entry System to prevent homelessness in this county. Our staff participates in the former, an important effort to gauge how many people are on the street and still need help (one team will head out from Safe Harbor.) The CES program is brand new and puts Samaritan House at the heart of a newly forming multi-agency, county-wide effort to head off the need for shelter placement by using every available resource to keep people housed. Stay tuned for more information on CES, which will open in a couple of months for business.

Samaritan House is here for our neighbors in need. We will always be here, thanks to the thousands of volunteers, donors and supporters who make our work possible.