Frank and Gloria for mobileBecause of generous supporters like you, two wonderful people, Frank and Gloria, are alive and healthy. And thousands of others are healthy, too.

Frank and Gloria have lived in Redwood City for 18 years. Frank is a mechanic and has worked his whole life to take care of his family. Gloria is now retired, but was a factory worker for many years. They have never – not once in their lives – taken a vacation.

Despite their hard work and saving, they’ve also never been able to afford health insurance. That’s why it is so important that Samaritan House’s free clinics are here for them.

Please give now to make sure we can continue to provide lifesaving care to our neighbors in need like Frank and Gloria.

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Frank started coming to the Samaritan House Redwood City Free Clinic to get the thyroid medication he needed to survive. Gloria started coming after going to the emergency room because her blood pressure became so high that blood was coming out of her eyes.

It turned out that each of them had diabetes and hypertension and needed immediate treatment for both, which our volunteer doctors provided. At our clinic, Frank was also able to see a dentist for the first time in his life. The dentist diagnosed several problems requiring immediate extractions, since infections are very dangerous for diabetics. With your support, we were able to make Frank a set of dentures. Always self-conscious of his smile because of his bad teeth, Frank says, “I was able to start smiling again.”

Following an exam by one of our doctors, we also sent Gloria for a free mammogram at the Women’s Center at Sutter Health/Mills-Peninsula Medical Center. The test revealed cancer cells, which necessitated the removal of her right breast. Gloria has an incredible spirit, saying, “I don’t let it get me down. I feel very lucky that the call came and I was able to get it taken care of.”

Frank, too, was sent by our doctors for a free, routine screening – a colonoscopy. Doctors found and removed seven polyps from his colon.

Gloria says, “We’re healthy now. Our diabetes and hypertension wedding photoare well controlled. I cried when I applied. But, I was able to get help and they really do treat you very well. It’s not just the physical, the doctors and other staff at the Samaritan House clinics give patients their self-esteem back. Sometimes a little taking care goes a long way.”

Frank shares, “If I was able to win the lottery, I’d give the Samaritan House clinics a million bucks!”

We hope Frank does win the lottery! But, in the meantime, we need your help to keep programs like our free clinics going strong. Increase or renew your support now to make sure that our neighbors like Frank and Gloria can keep living, working…and smiling.

Thank you for being a steadfast supporter of Samaritan House, for your compassion and for giving hope to families in need.


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Bart Charlow

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P.P.S. Each year we provide more than 10,000 patient visits at our two free clinics. As the healthcare landscape becomes more uncertain, please make sure our most vulnerable neighbors have the care they need to keep working and ultimately reach stability.

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