Congratulations on a Great Volunteer Appreciation Event Yesterday!

Last night’s Volunteer Appreciation event had just the right amount of structure and sparkle.

The first-time volunteer attendees were not the only ones who were excited and tickled by the arrangements. More importantly, quite a few of our veteran volunteers spoke up saying “this was the best one I’ve ever attended”, and how pleased they were to be part of Samaritan House.

The depth of commitment to Samaritan House and all our surrounding communities was readily apparent to everyone. There was gushing galore. In fact, quite a few of our regulars mentioned how much volunteering for Samaritan House has changed and enriched their lives!

Senator Jerry Hill presented the Kelly Awards and Foundation Awards and Bart Charlow presented the SAMMYs.  Senator Jerry Hill was in excellent form, and when he spoke about John Kelly’s legacy, he was teary-eyed. Mollie Marshall did the honors for the Board.

This year, in addition to Samaritan House’s SAMMYs Awards our Volunteer Department developed a new Foundation Award, which was a great addition to the recognition portfolio, and all our Kelly Awardees were so deserving. Nominations were made by the Directors of Samaritan House.

Our volunteers are both our heritage and the key to our ability to provide all this vital service. Yet they stay in the background, expecting nothing but the opportunity to serve and to do so in good company.

A huge thank you to everyone who made the event so wonderful for them, especially to Carol Laughlin, and Rosie Coleridge, and the Elks Lodge staff.

An even bigger thank to you to all of our outstanding and dedicated volunteers!