20161025_210143Cindy was three months pregnant with her son when she walked through the doors at Safe Harbor Shelter.  She remembers sobbing on the bus the entire way to South San Francisco because she couldn’t believe she was going to a homeless shelter. “I felt like I had hit rock bottom.”

When she got there, though, she was welcomed by the staff and remembers the other residents taking her under their wings. Cindy says, “You guys saved my life. Had I not gone to Safe Harbor, I don’t know where I would have been.”

Before the end of her pregnancy, we referred Cindy to another agency, which got her placed at a family shelter where she had her own little apartment. She delivered her son and remembers how good it felt to bring him home.

Her son grew quickly, though, and Cindy struggled to afford things like clothes and shoes for him. She remembers when he was learning to ride his tricycle; he would drag his feet to slow himself down. She noticed that he was wearing holes in the tips of his shoes. Each night, Cindy would spread a layer of glue on them, so that he’d wear through the glue, rather than his shoes.

Cindy doesn’t have to put glue on her son’s shoes anymore, because Samaritan House was able to step in again with support from our Kids Closet. Now, Cindy can shop for clothes and shoes for her son and make sure he always has what he needs to look and feel his best.

Recently, Samaritan House was able to help with move-in costs, so Cindy could move into her very own home. “I feel beyond blessed to be able to have what I have,” she says. She even earned a certificate as a Daycare Specialist and is looking into opening a daycare center. Cindy also wants to inspire others who are struggling to keep going, saying, “At the end of the day, I want my time here to matter.”

Cindy still comes to see us occasionally for food and clothes for her son. And, she’ll be at our Toy Shoppe this December, getting new toys for “Santa” to bring him. But, she is getting closer to stability.

Now, thanks to heroes like you, Cindy feels like she is finding her footing and looking toward the future. She says, “I want to be financially stable, and to have a house that my kids can always come home to.” With your help, that’s exactly what she’s working toward.

From a shelter bed to food, clothes, toys, and the assistance necessary to move into her very own home, you provided what Cindy and her family needed to survive. Thank you for showing her the kindness and compassion we’d all hope to find if the unthinkable happened and we had nowhere to go.

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