Worker Resource Center Participates in 2015 California Coastal Cleanup Day!


To help keep the Bay Area’s stretch of the coastline clean, a few of the hard workers from our Worker Resource Center participated in the 2015 California Coastal Cleanup Day!

The guys loved representing the Samaritan House Team and they were happy to pitch in for California Coastal Cleanup Day. The cleanup and restoration activities happened in San Francisco, Marin, and Pacifica.

Together we can keep our parks, neighborhoods, and shorelines clean, safe, and healthy for everyone.

About the Worker Resource Center:

Samaritan House’s Worker Resource Center is a collaboration of Samaritan House and the City of San Mateo. It provides a safe and legitimate location for day laborers and potential employers to meet. Workers are encouraged to participate in ESL classes and are offered nutritious food to prepare them for their day of work. For more information, visit

About California Coastal Cleanup Day:

California Coastal Cleanup Day is one of the nation’s premier volunteer events dedicated to the marine environment. For more information, visit the official website for California Coastal Cleanup Day.



Wheels are Rolling – Bikes for the Worker Resource Center


It can be a huge challenge to find a job without a mode of transportation. Luckily for many workers at Samaritan House’s Workers Resource Center (WRC), the wheels have started rolling!

The Congregational Church of San Mateo (CCSM) recently donated 11 refurbished bicycles, along with locks and helmets to the WRC.

CCSM finds old, run down bikes and works together to clean, align, lubricate and test –drive the bikes until they are restored to safe, operational level. They recruited the help of Talbots Cycles, who provided highly discounted bike parts and Silicon Valley Community Foundation, help pay for helmets and locks. The WRC will be raffling off the bikes to the workers.

To the workers, these bikes mean a reliable mode of transportation. Dependable transportation means a better chance in finding stable employment. A salary could mean stability for an entire family and with that stability, the family can thrive.

Please email  if you have a bicycle to donate.