AOL Lends a Helping Hand in Transforming Our Community!

IMG_4377THANK YOU to the wonderful team from #AOL who did an amazing job clearing out the San Mateo Clinic, getting it ready for the installation of our new Food Pharmacy. Our friends at @AOL worked really really hard, cleaning both inside and outand even helping with the IMG_4268garden. We are so impressed with your efforts and the transformation you made all in one day. Your work willhelp many people live happier and heather lives. 
Samaritan House is constantly exploring new ways to keep our clients strong, healthy, and on the right path to self sufficiency. Managing diabetes can be difficult for patients with very low incomes.  A healthy lifestyle with nutrient-dense foods can even help to slow the disease’s. Our Food Pharmacies are IMG_3983just one more way we are striving to give our clients everything they need to succeed!
The Food Pharmacy will assist our diabetic patients to manage their illness through diet as well as other therapies. Patients fill their prescriptions for free at an on-site food pantry. The groceries are provided by the Second Harvest Food Bank, and the project receives funding from the Sequoia Healthcare District. For now, clients are IMG_4371encouraged to visit the food pharmacy twice per month, and take enough food each time to feed their entire family for three or four days.

The American Diabetes Association recommends diabetics eat more vegetables, fruit, and IMG_4369lean proteins, and choose whole-grain foods over those made with refined grains or flours. The organization also recommends avoiding excess salt, high calorie snack foods and foods high in saturated or trans fats.


Both of Samaritan House’s clinics, the Redwood City Clinic and the San Mateo Free Clinic, serves patients who are uninsured. To become a client, phone (650) 839-1447 or visit